Fluid Management

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Tank Sentry - Fluid Level Monitors

Our programmable fluid level monitors provide reliable and accurate Tank level indication. There are no moving parts to foul, or electrical components inside the tank. Unaffected by floating solids or stray current, Tank Sentry is the ideal solution for the toughest of fluid level monitoring assignments.

All Tank Sentries operate on 12- 32 volt DC power. With a few simple adjustments they are capable of monitoring tanks from 6 inches to 6 feet deep, right out of the box.

*All models have 10% incremental LED displays.


The TSi Touch Screen Tank Sentry PLC is our most advanced and accurate fluid level monitoring system available. The PLC based system sports a stylish touch screen interface that is packed with smart features.

-Complete system control at your fingertips
-Digital output of tank and pump status
-Multiple tank monitoring and arrangements
-Multiple pump and equipment control

Tank Penetration - Commercial Grade

Headhunter's Commercial Tank Penetration Assemblies are precision machined from fireproof materials for safety and confidence in your fuel tank monitor installations.

SYM 23Q - Fluid Level Sensor

Unlike conventional water pumps, the SubpaQ installs inside the freshwater tank, saving precious space in the machinery room, and eliminating priming difficulties. This variable speed, constant pressure pump provides flow rates that outperform conventional pumps with similar power consumption.

Let sleeping crews lie! The SubpaQ's innovative motor technology and submerged location result in incredibly silent operation.

Control Panels - Custom Control Panels

Tidal Wave electrical control panels are designed to simplify the installation of our treatment system's electrical components and other accessories that may be required.
Headhunter's Custom Control Department has the capability to design and assemble virtually any custom control panel design imaginable. Many OEM's take advantage of our unique capability to significantly simplify their installations by combining our Tank Sentry fluid level controls with PLC's motor controllers, and motor starters, in a wide variety of enclosures. All custom control panels include detailed AutoCAD documentation of wiring and control logic.