Tank Penetration

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1-1/4” MPT plug mounts available in PVC, 316 stainless steel, and bronze.

SAE flange mounts are available in aluminum, 316 stainless steel, and brass for all models except 4000 Series.


Headhunter’s Commercial Tank Penetration Assemblies are precision machined from fireproof materials for safety and confidence in your fuel tank monitor installations.
(excludes PVC versions).

Each unit uses fireproof hose and heavy-duty bronze or stainless steel fittings from Swagelock®, and each has passed Underwriters Laboratories test for flame resistance in non-integral marine fuel tanks.



Fireproof Swagelock® tubing is standard with all commercial Tank Penetration Assemblies. End connectors are brass or 316 stainless steel, depending on the tank penetration fitting selected.