-Water Pump Suction and Pressure Distribution
-Freshwater Tank Vents
-Reverse Osmosis Low Pressure Supply

-Exceeds the specification of NSF 61 drinking water system components
-Steel helix reinforcement prevents collapsing and kinking
-Polyesterbraid reinforcement enables high working pressure
-One hose suitable for both suction and pressure applications
-Clear see through construction provides visual flow indication


Banzai Pipeline is the only fresh water hose that combines three unique properties. A steel helix for collapsing resistance is combined with a hi-tensile woven polyester braid between two layers of clear PVC. The result is an engineered drinking water approved hose that's perfect for high pressure distribution and suction side applications. Banzai Pipeline features superior strength and non-collapsible flexibility not found in conventional water hoses. The clear see through construction provides visual flow indication which helps in the installation and maintenance of water pressure systems.

Temp. Range 30 - 145 F (0-63 degree C)


-Black Water Discharge & Transfer
-Toilet Pressure Supply
-Holding Tanks Vents
-Freshwater Tank Vents
-Freshwater Suction and Pressure Distribution
-Gray Water Drains
-Gray Water Tank Vents

-Super Flexible Construction
-Super Odor impermeability
-Exceeds the specification of NSF 61 drinking water system components
Max Temperature: 200F (94C). Will not degrade in high temperature engine room environments
-EPDM Shell: Provides superior Ozone resistant external liner
-BUTYL Shell: Provides a smooth anti-microbial food grade inner liner

  Headhunter Great White ™ Super Premium Water Sanitation Hose is an engineered hose developed especially for the rigors of the harsh marine environment. A specially formulated liner constructed of anti-microbial food quality butyl polymer provides an impermeable odor barrier. A double steel wire helix and high tensile fabric reinforcement provide extreme flexibility for ease of installation and a snow white EPDM abrasion resistant jacket provide superior Ozone resistance not found in conventional sanitation hoses.