Sewage Treatment

USCG Certified Type II MSD & IMO Approved Sewage Treatment Systems and Plants

  • Virtually maintenance-free
  • No harsh chemicals
  • Custom models available
  • Standard sizes 50-10,000 gallons per day
  • Tough, corrosion resistant coating
  • Optional high-gloss urethane finish
  • Meets IMO standards
  • Reliable biological treatment process
  • Odor-free
  • Easy to operate
  • Compact size
  • No moving parts contact sewage
  • USCG Certified and Bureau Veritas approved to IMO MEPC 159(55) standard for worldwide acceptance
  • No chemicals required
  • Low maintenance
  • Odor Free
  • USCG certified-IMO approved for world wide acceptance
  • Includes effluent discharge pump for overboard discharge of treated waste
  • No extra tanks required
  • Easy/automatic opertaion
  • Tough corrosion resistant materials
  • Lightweight units
  • NRTL Listed construction available for Hazardous Area installation

Biological Systems

The Tidal Wave is our original system. These systems use naturally occurring bacteria and the addition of oxygen to accelerate the natural biological process. The addition of a mild disinfectant solution at the end of the process ensures the complete kill of all harmful pathogens before discharge of the treated effluent.


Chemical Systems

The Tidal Wave HMX uses the addition of chlorine solution and oxygen to achieve a quick chemical oxidation of the waste. The chlorine required is generated from ordinary seawater, as it is passed through an electro catalytic cell included with the system. Inside the treatment system powerful jets of water aerate, and combine the incoming wastewater with the chlorine solution to reduce the solids and disinfect the wastewater. The final stage consists of a unique membrane process to ensure that this system exceeds all regulatory requirements.


At Headhunter all of our sewage treatment systems are U.S. Coast Guard certified Type II Marine Sanitation Device and IMO approved for worldwide compliance with Annex IV Regulation 3(1)(a)(i) of Marpol 73/78, which provides regulations for the prevention of pollution by sewage from ships. The units are accepted in accordance with Resolution MEPC.2(VI) which outlines the performance standards required.

As of 2010 our HMX Marine Sewage Plants are now approved to IMO MEPC 159(55) standards. The United States Coast Guard’s Marine Safety Center has issued Certificates of Approval for eight new models in Headhunter’s range of Tidal Wave HMX sewage treatment plants. These new models are approved according to the more stringent performance standard created by the United Nations International Maritime Organization (IMO) Marine Environmental Protection Committee (MEPC). This committee adopted Resolution MEPC 159(55) on October 13, 2006 with implementation on January 1, 2010. In response, the United States Coast Guard issued Navigation and Vessel Inspection Circular Number (NVIC) 1-09 in June 2009. This NVIC laid the procedural framework for the Marine Safety Center to evaluate testing labs and manufacturers according to the new IMO performance standards and a collection of even more rigorous mechanical, electrical and physical specifications outlined in 33CFR 159.015, and 159.53(b), and mechanical and electrical engineering standards detailed in 46CFR chapter F and J.

Sewage Definitions

Any discussion of sewage treatment should start with a brief definition and a summary of the regulatory requirements.

What is Sewage?

According to Annex IV Marpol 73/78 Regulation 1 it is defined as:

According to 40 CFR 140.1(A) it is defined as:

Human body wastes and the wastes from toilets and other receptacles intended to receive or retain body wastes.
The basic objective of sewage treatment is to reduce the solids and kill the bacteria. Different agencies specify different levels of treatment as outlined in the table below.

Upper Limit Value For USCG Type I USCG Type II Canada Great Lakes

IMO Marpol 73/78
[ MEPC 159(55)
in 2010]

Suspended Solids
None Visible 150 50

50 (In Lab)
100 (On Board)

Fecal Coliforms
(per 100ml)
1000 200 200 250
5 Day BOD
Not Specified Not Specified 50 50
Residual Chlorine
Not Specified Not Specified 0.5 to 1.0 To Degree Practicable

At Headhunter our marine sewage treatment plants meet the most up to date and stringent of certifications.