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Sym-U Fluid Level Sensor
SYM-U Fluid Level Sensors [embed][/embed] The Headhunter SYM-U is a tank fluid level sensor that determines the fluid level by measuring the hydrostatic pressure of a column of fluid in a tank vented to the atmosphere and converting the pressure into an analog signal voltage output. The SYM-U is designed to be used with Headhunter Tank Sentry Panel models WTS-1500B, TS-1501B, TS-2500B, WTS-1100B, TS-2000B, and the TS-3000 Series (1-6) as well as PLC, computer monitoring systems and the next generation Tank Sentry. The SYMU is recommended for use on tanks  5 to 132 inches deep. The SYM-U replaces all previous models of SYMs
    • SYM Dimensions 6”(153mm)L x 3-7/16”(77mm)W x 1 7/8”(48mm)H
    • Tank Fitting Req. 1 -1/4” FPT Or SAE-Flange
SYM-U - Product Details/Specifications: - Input voltage:  10-36VDC - Max Current:  600 mA - P range:        0-132 inches of H20 - V out:      .3 to 4.7 VDC - Burst Pressure:      100 PSI - Max Temp:    F= 160 deg (C= 71 deg) - Enclosure Rating: NEMA 4X and IP66
For each Tank Sentry order one SYM-U Kit. Each SYM-U Kit includes: 1x SYM-U sensor module, 10’ of UT-250 1/4” O.D. urethane tubing, or 10’ of TSPB-4YW 1/4” I.D. fire retardant swagelock hose for commercial applications, and a tank penetration assembly with enough material to monitor up to 6’ deep.
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