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RO Desalination—Oasis

OASIS Reverse Osmosis Desalination Water Maker

Product Details/Specifications:

  • Integrated Tank Sentry level monitoring and control
  • Self-priming composite seawater supply pump
  • Stainless steel high pressure pump
  • Composite pressure vessels
  • 316 Stainless high pressure fittings
  • Automatic fresh water flush & operation
  • Custom sized units and arrangements
  • Remote control and computer integration via PLC available

Headhunter Inc. breaks into the watermaking industry with our line of OASIS reverse osmosis watermakers. Integrating state of the art features and quality components, Oasis Water Management Systems by Headhunter provide an innovative reliable supply of freshwater from the sea. Backed by Headhunter’s reputation for quality engineering and technical support, Oasis Water Management Systems offer advanced features not found in old style, conventional, reverse osmosis systems.
Oasis by headhunter provides loads of super clean freshwater for your vessel quietly. Fully packaged with a self-priming feed pump, installation is made simple and quick. Easy to use and understand touch screen controls can be applied to the systems with remote panels available. Automatic PLC controlled Fresh Flush, Periodically and at shutdown, cut down on maintenance and enhances membrane life.
With a range of production rates from 800 Gallons per day to 2400 Gallons per day (Larger if requested), headhunter continues its tradition of innovative high quality products with the service to back them up.
Custom designs available to meet your special needs size and shape, packaged or modular; all can be discussed and built to fit. . Onsite commissioning and factory trained service is always available. Headhunter’s ISO 9001:2000 approved design and manufacturing offers unmatched quality and reliability from a trusted name.

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