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These pumps are the ultimate sewage handling pumps. They get the tough jobs done quickly, quietly, and reliably. Ideal for holding tank discharge applications, transfer systems, and for batching sewage into our Tidal Wave Type II MSD’s. These pumps are an engineer’s dream with their rugged construction and non-clogging flow-thru design. They make a great emergency bilge pump and are also ideal for industrial applications such as ground water remediation, abrasive fluid transfers, and dewatering.

Product Details/Specifications:

  • Quiet diaphragm operation
  • Able to pass large solids
  • Can run dry without damage
  • 12 foot suction lift capability
  • 2” inlet and discharge standard
  • 10 foot discharge head
  • TEFC Motor

Product Details/Specifications

  • Electric motor (12/24V DC, 115 / 208 – 230V AC), or air powered.
  • Standard bronze construction
  • Dimensions: 30 ¾” (78.1cm)L-17”(43.2cm)W-16 ½”(41.9cm)H
  • Weight: 112lbs (51kg)

* Please call us for additional options, such as Aluminum construction, Viton diaphragm, or different motor voltages.

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