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Central System

A Royal Flush Central System is configured by supplying two or more Royal Flush stations with pressurized water from a central source. The water supply to each toilet in the system is controlled by a dedicated Adder Kit shown below (consisting of an isolation ball valve, a union, and an electric or nonelectric flush valve with self-cleaning inlet strainer). Activating the tough switch opens the flush valve, releasing pressurized water to the jet macerator.


  • AK-12 12VDC/.35A Electrical Flush Valve
  • AK-24 24VDC/.175 Electric Flush Valve
  • AK-12B 12VDC/.35A Electric Flush Valve, Brass Construction
  • AK-24B 24VDC/.175 Electric Flush Valve, Brass Construction
  • PS12V-W152 Universal Power Supply, 100-240 VAC-12V DC 1.25A Output
  • AK-HB Hydraulic (Nonelectric), Brass Construction
  • AK-HBS Hydraulic (Nonelectric), Brass Construction, w/Strainer
  • AK-HP Hydraulic (Nonelectric)
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