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The patented Royal Flush Hydro-Vac hydraulic toilet utilizes the latest in marine toilet technology. A non-electric version of our Neoclassic and Superbowl, it’s designed for use with central systems. The push button on the toilet opens the adder kit to initiate the flushing process. Inside there are no moving parts, no pumps, motors, no maintenance! Each toilet has a 5 year warranty, all colors match Kohler fixtures.

Products Detail/Specifications:

  • Non-electric
  • One touch dry bowl feature
  • Flushes rags, quarters, and panty hose.
  • Lightest one-piece vitreous china toilet on the market
  • Labor saving installation with quick connect inlet and discharge
  • No complicated mechanical equipment in the discharge plumbing

Toilet Spare Parts Page

Hydrovac Spare Parts:


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