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Polypropylene Lined Steel Pressure Accumulator Tanks

PUFFER Accumulator Tank
It’s constructed from deep drawn steel with a polypropylene liner, seamless butyl diaphragm and brass threaded connection. The exterior is undercoated with a crack-proof zinc based barrier coating that is top coated with white enamel. Available pump bracket that matches X-caliber mounting pattern.

Production Details/Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 11” (279.4mm)D x 11 1/2”(292.1mm)H x 15(381mm)”L
  • Inlet: 3/4” male NPT
  • Polypropylene liner forms non-metallic water reservoir
  • Corrosion resistant brass male threaded connection
  • Heavy-duty seamless butyl diaphragm flexes,
  • never stretches or creases
  • Meets FDA requirements for potable water supply
  • Crack proof, impermeable, self-repairing zinc based corrosion barrier with white enamel topcoat protects the exterior.

Also available from Headhunter, Well-X-Trol pressure accumulator tanks. They are easy to install, hand can be installed either vertically or horizontally. Models are also available with pump brackets and mounting feet.

Fiberglass Pressure Accumulator Tanks
Specify Headhunter pressure accumulator tanks for fresh or saltwater pressure systems to store pressurized water. They eliminate water hammer and reduce pump cycling. These accumulator tanks are also used in our Royal Flush Central Systems for storing pressurized water for toilet flushing.

These tanks lead the field with a unique composite construction. Two miles of epoxy-coated fiberglass filament are wound around a high-density polyethylene liner, providing light weight, corrosion-resistant strength.

Production Details/Specifications:

  • Lightweight design-weighs half as much as conventional steel tanks
  • Zero maintenance-unlike steel tanks, no need to paint
  • Will not rust-no metallic components
  • 5 year warranty
  • Replaceable inner liner
  • ANSI/NSF STB61 certified



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