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Blue Water Desalination

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Tank Sentry

Tank Sentry Fluid Level Monitors Our programmable fluid level monitors provide reliable and accurate Tank level indication. There are no moving parts to foul, or electrical components inside the tank. Unaffected by floating solids or stray current, Tank Sentry is the ideal solution for the toughest of fluid level monitoring assignments. All Tank Sentrys fluid level sensors operat

Sym-U Fluid Level Sensor

SYM-U Fluid Level Sensors The Headhunter SYM-U is a tank fluid level sensor that determines the fluid level by measuring the hydrostatic pressure of a column of fluid in a tank vented to the atmosphere and converting the pressure into an analog signal voltage output. The SYM-U is designed to be used with Headhunter Tank Sentry Panel models WTS-1500B, TS-1501B, TS-2500B, WTS-110

Sewage Pumps

Headhunter has developed a range of application-specific wastewater pumps for transfer and discharge of grey water, black water and treated effluent. These close-coupled pumps can be customized for above deck, below deck, various voltages or hazardous area classifications.


Polypropylene Lined Steel Pressure Accumulator Tanks PUFFER Accumulator Tank It’s constructed from deep drawn steel with a polypropylene liner, seamless butyl diaphragm and brass threaded connection. The exterior is undercoated with a crack-proof zinc based barrier coating that is top coated with white enamel. Available pump bracket that matches X-caliber mo

Tank Penetration

Headhunter’s Commercial Tank Penetration Assemblies are precision machined from fireproof materials for safety and confidence in your fuel tank monitor installations. (excludes PVC versions). Each unit uses fireproof hose and heavy-duty bronze or stainless steel fittings from Swagelock®, and each has passed Underwriters Laboratories test for flame resistance in non-integral marine fuel tank

Marine Sewage Treatment

HEADHUNTER Marine Sewage Treatment Systems Marine Sewage Treatment Plants and Marine Sanitation Devices Headhunter’s team of engineers, fabricators, and wastewater specialists work together to provide the most innovative and efficient sewage treatment solutions. We offer in three categories STP, Physical Chemical MSD, Biological MSDs. All with standard units to custom designed

Tank Sentry Touch Screen PLC

Product details and features: Touch Screen Interface Complete system control at your fingertips Digital output of tank and pump status Multiple tank monitoring and arrangements Multiple pump and equipment control Easily customized Land Ethernet connection Non-linear tank calibration Non-glare Screen

Great White Hose

Great White Applications: Black Water Discharge & Transfer Toilet Pressure Supply Holding Tanks Vents Freshwater Tank Vents Freshwater Suction and Pressure Distribution Gray Water Drains Gray Water Tank Vents Features: Super Flexible Construction Super Odor impe

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