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Three Way Valve This heavy duty valve is constructed of schedule 80 CPVC. It accepts 1-1/2" or 2" PVC pipe, or 1-7/8", and 1-1/2" hose (fittings included). Valve is full flow with no restrictive bends or constrictions. Handle may be locked or removed to meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements for securing the system. Product Description/Specifications:
    • Dimension 6-1/2" (165mm)L x 7-1/8" (181mm)W x 6-1/2" (165mm)H
TW-1515 - Headhunter Universal Three Way Valve w/ Mounting Hardware Swing Check Valves Headhunter clear PVC swing check valves are handy installation accessories for piping systems. They are perfect for improving efficiency in sewage diaphragm pumps and preventing back flow. The transparency of the material also helps in troubleshooting and visual inspection. Installation is a breeze with standard PVC cleaner and glue.
      • SCV-1000C - 1" Clear Swing Check Valve
      • SCV-1250C - 1-1/4" Clear Swing Check Valve
      • SCV-1500C - 1-1/2" Clear Swing Check Valve
      • SCV-2000C - 2" Clear Swing Check Valve
Polyethylene Tanks Headhunter has over one hundred polyethylene holding tanks, water tanks, and chemical storage tanks from 3 to 175 gallons available for rapid delivery. All fittings are installed per your specifications. We also carry a large selection of non-rectangular tanks. Sizes up to 12,000 gallons available by special order. Download: Polyethylene Tank Catalog Ozone Generator - Creates powerful and reactive oxidizer on-site - Neutralizes odors - Kills bacteria and mold - Oxidizes organics and suspended solids, causing easier solids separation, and clearer effluent. The OZ-1 and OZ-2 help to efficiently manage shipboard wastewater systems by diffusing the O3 in liquid and releasing the residual through the tank's vent system.  The Ozone does two things when diffused in shipboard wastewater systems. It causes solids to separate from the liquid and reduces foul odors that may be generated in these tanks. When ozone is used in conjunction with chlorine in the chlorine contact chamber of the sewage treatment system, it helps oxidize the Total Suspended Solids (TSS) portion of the waste effluent, which results precipitation (separation of those solids from the water) and a reduction of combined chlorines.  The result is a clearer effluent.  The ozone that is released at the surface in the contact chamber is passed through the vent system connected to the treatment system helping to eliminate any unpleasant odor that could develop in the vent piping due to the moist warm conditions that exist in these pipes. Download: Ozone Generator Tech Sheet OZ-1 & OZ-2 Product Description/Specifications: Models: PART # DESCRIPTION MAX OZONE OUTPUT VOLTAGE OZ-1 OZONE SYSTEM OZ-1(115) UV Ozone System 8 gm / per day 115V 60 hz OZ-1(230) UV Ozone System 8 gm / per day 230V 60 hz OZ-1(230/50) UV Ozone System 8 gm / per day 230V 50 hz OZ-2 HI POWER OZONE SYSTEM OZ-2(115) Hi Power UV Ozone System 24 gm / per day 115V 60 hz OZ-2(230) Hi Power UV Ozone System 24 gm / per day 230V 60 hz OZ-2(230/50) Hi Power UV Ozone System 24 gm / per day 230V 50 hz
The Grease Grouper - the ultimate grease extractor The galley of today's luxury yacht or commercial vessels creates just as much kitchen waste as a busy restaurant. The Grease Grouper system eliminates this potential headache by recovering all food scraps and nearly 100% of the grease, oils, and fats from galley waste. Prevents costly drain clogging, and protects on board sewage treatment systems and holding tanks. Discharge of food waste within 3 miles of shore is forbidden under IMO Marpol Annex V and 33 CFR 151 regulations. The Grease Grouper ensures compliance by trapping food wastes & grease before discharge; it also keeps food wastes out of your tanks for effective odor control. Compact and easy to install. The Grease Grouper is the perfect solution. It’s operation is programmable and available in 115 VAC, 230 VAC/50 Hz, and 230VAC/60 Hz. Product Details/Specifications:
    • Rugged 304 SS construction
    • Reliable programmable operation
    • Reduces onboard maintenance of grey water collection systems

Fluid Monitoring & Control

Tank Sentry - Fluid Level Monitors Our programmable fluid level monitors provide reliable and accurate Tank level indication. There are no moving parts to foul, or electrical components inside the tank. Unaffected by floating solids or stray current, Tank Sentry is the ideal solution for the toughest of fluid level monitoring assignments. All Tank Sentries operate on 12- 32 vo

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